Principal's Message

 September 18, 2016  

McKinley Family-

I'm very proud that we have gotten the new school year off to such a great start!  We welcome all of our new students and staff, and welcome back all those who are returning to McKinley.  I look forward to McKinley students showing that they are Ready, Respectful, and Responsible as they work hard each day to learn and grow.

I invite all parents to bookmark McKinley's new website ( and check it regularly to keep up with our calendar, schedules, upcoming events, and teacher contact information.  We look forward to working with all our parents to make this year one of learning for all McKinley students. 

We thank all parents who are helping us keep students safe during arrival and dismissal by cooperating with school procedures, even when this sometimes causes a temporary inconvenience.  We intend to keep refining our systems to make McKinley the best school it can be.  A reminder that the doors open for arrival at 7:50 (8:50 on Wednesdays) and breakfast ends at 8:10.  Please be sure that students are arriving on time to avoid being marked tardy and missing out on instructional time. Parents who wish to speak to their child's teacher are asked to enter Door A and sign in at the office before walking to the class. 

Again, we're happy to have each of you on board.  Here's to a great year for the entire McKinley family. 

Mr. David A. Alvarado



Free Parent Education Classes

           Conversational English: This class is offered to parents wanting to improve their

spoken English skills through practical conversations.

Click here for more information


McKinley's New Gym Floor

.     McKinley School's gym floor was redesigned with our new mascot, "The EC Cardinal."  The floor was also refinished and looks teriffic!  Help keep our gym floor looking like new and avoid doing damage to the surface.  Please make sure your child(ren) wear gym shoes to school (or bring them with) on Gym Class Day.   Thank You.

Word of the Week...

Now you can expand your vocabulary and impress your friends and family.  Each week a new "Word of the Week" will be posted.   Learn how to pronounce and say the word and what it means.  Use your new Word of the Week in class, with friends or challenge yourself and see if you can use this special word in your homework during the week.  Maybe you'd like to draw a picture to illustrate these new words.  Turn your drawings or illustrations in to Ms. Alvarez (Parent Liaison) each week.  We'll hang the pictures up around school to help others learn our "Special Words."  Have fun and learn something new!


"Outsmart the Scarecrow....Here's the Word of the Week"

   Stump the Scarecrow