Principal's Message

March 7, 2018

Hello McKinley family!

The first part of ISTEP is winding down and our 3rd grade students are making final preparations for their IREAD test on March 12 - 14!  As always, encourage your students to come to school each day and do their best to learn as much as possible.  Many of the issues that result in children being sent to the office spring from focusing on things other than learning.  Encourage your child to be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible at all times as this will maximize the likelihood that he/she is learning every day.  We need your support to ensure we are successful as we learn and grow!  The second part of ISTEP will begin on Monday, April 16.  Let's do our best, rock that test, and raise our scores!

During the dates of March 15 and 16, our school will be receiving a School Quality Review (SQR) from the Indiana Department of Education.  This process will include classroom observations, parent, teacher, and student focus groups, meetings with school leadership, and survey results.  You have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts and feelings in the surveys that were sent home with all students.  Please complete and return the survey to school so that your voice can be heard as we strive to improve our school and the academic outcomes of all our students.  You can also access an online version of the survey HERE

The last day of school for students before Spring Break is Friday, March 23 with classes resuming on Tuesday, April 3.  There will not be a parent night activity in March due to the break.  We wish the entire McKinley family a safe and restful week.

As the construction along 149th and Magoun continues, please plan appropriately for dropping off and picking up your children in a safe and responsible way each day.  Please refrain from driving/reversing southbound on Magoun, blocking our buses by parking in the alley, and from driving around barricades that are erected to ensure student safety.  While we are aware that the construction is causing an inconvenience, we insist that parents cooperate to order for all students to be safe during arrival and dismissal.  This includes parents in the car pickup line as well, as there have been concerns regarding some refusing to wait their turn, cutting other parents off, and not cooperating with procedures designed to keep students safe.  With over 650 students dismissing at the same time each day, it is important for all McKinley family members to recognize the need for patience and understanding as we work to get all our kids home in a safe manner.  

Parents, we also need your help with attendance.  Our students learn the most when they are in school all day, each day.  Each month students with PERFECT attendance (no absences, tardies, or early dismissals) will earn an extra day to dress out of uniform.  Please make efforts to schedule appointments so that your child will not miss any lessons.  During ISTEP we will have the additional incentive of a bike raffle where 3-6 grade students will have their name entered into a drawing each week they are have perfect attendance with two bicycles being awarded to the names who are chosen at the end of the test.  Be aware that picking your child up early before the end of the day is recorded in the same manner as a tardy for arriving late to school.  Also know that 2:40 PM is the "cut-off" time for early dismissals as our staff will be preparing for the end of the day.  Parents requesting early dismissal after this time will have to wait until 2:55 when dismissal begins.  As much as we want kids in school all day, however, at dismissal time it is time to go home.  Be sure to pick up your child on time each day.  The office is not a daycare and we often have students waiting to be picked up by parents who are late.  Please demonstrate courtesy and respect for McKinley by being timely in picking up your children so that our staff can go home to their families too.  

A reminder that the doors open for arrival each day at 7:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and one hour later at 8:45 every Wednesday.  Only students are permitted to enter through Door D in the cafeteria.  Parents will need to check into the office for permission to enter the building.  Breakfast is served from 7:45 - 8:15, 8:45 - 9:15 on Wednesday.  Be sure to get your child to school in time to enjoy a breakfast before the lessons begin.  Students will be marked tardy at 8:20, 9:20 on Wednesdays.  Bus riders from Roxanna and the former Carrie Gosch district should be ready to catch the bus at their corner at 7:40 each morning, 8:40 on Wednesdays.  

Check out our updated handbook posted in the parents link of the SCEC and McKinley websites.  Take special note that khaki has been approved in addition to navy blue as a part of the Uniformity of Colors policy for pants, skirts, etc.  Be sure to bookmark our webpage to keep up with the important information and announcements it contains.  You can even follow us on Twitter now! @ECMcKCardinals 

We are Ready, Respectful, and Responsible.  


Mr. David A. Alvarado

Principal, McKinley Elementary School




Road work is scheduled to begin at the corner of 149th and Magoun on Monday, August 28.  Parents are advised to use the playground drive-thru in the mornings during arrival if/when cars are unable to drive down Magoun.  Kindergarten will move to Door A (main doors) during dismissal until the construction is completed.  Your patience and cooperation is appreciated during this inconvenience, as student safety will be our top priority




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